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day 1

18th Feb 2018

today was the first day of our commune project. we drove from my house in Northamptonshire to Connie's holiday cottage in Louth, Lincolnshire. the journey was just over 100 miles one way, so it took a couple of hours to get there. once we got to the house and settles in, we went for a walk led by Connie as it was her day. on the walk, she asked us to take in the environment around us and reflect on any dreams we had in the past. when we got back to the house, we shared our dreams with each other and we illustrated them. before we went to bed, we were asked to eat certain foods that had certain vitamins in that apparently made dreams more vivid. in the evening, we listened to quite calm music and shared stories with each other. we talked about dreams a lot because it was supposed to help us have more dreams when it is at the front of our minds. we also had to keep a dream journey for both nights. it was a very interesting and productive day, and it helped me to think of more activities we could do on my day. 



day 2

19th Feb 2018

the second day was my day to lead. I decided that we would take a drive to the beach, and when we got there I asked the girls to take pictures of anything they saw that looked good to them. we also played game of "sand dictionary" where we took it in turns to draw things in the sand and the others had to guess what it was. this was interesting to me because, to us, the images made sense, after we left the other people that saw them may have been confused - allowing me to begin my exploration of the importance of context. on the drive home, we were going along a country road where there were lots of potholes. unfortunately I went through one and my tyre burst. because of this, we had to wait for almost 2 hours to be rescued. however, during this time we were completely cut off from the outside world. we had no internet to distract us, so we talked and shared stories and listened to music which prompted more conversation. when we finally to back home, I asked the girls to choose music for us to listen to that had a story or some kind of meaning. after talking, the music choice made more sense, whereas before the choice seemed random. I then asked my commune to draw different things they saw today not necessarily in a realistic way. I asked them to draw individual things they saw rather than whole scenes so that the context would be less clear. we reminisced and shared stories and really learnt a lot about each other, which allowed us to put each other's personalities into context.  as we learnt more about each other, our commune became more open, and the sharing benefitted all of us. 



day 3

20th Feb 2018

this was the last day of the commune and today was Freya's day. for her project, Freya is looking at white space found around the world. as we were driving for most of the day, we were asked to look out for instances of white space on the journey back to my house. it was surprising to see how many instances of white space we could find in the wider world, and some of them not all immediately obvious. the idea behind our manifesto of our commune was to try and be spontaneous on the trip as much as possible, and Freya's activity really played into this. we didn't know what we would find on the road, and the 100 miles back provided us with lots of opportunities to discover white space. 




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